I can’t believe it’s already November 14th.  I don’t even remember hardly what happened between Halloween and today.  It’s been such a blur.  I hope you’re all doing well.  We had a really fun Halloween.  Lenny was a T-Rex (thanks to my Mom for ordering him his awesome costume).

lenny1 lenny2 lenny3 lenny4 lenny5 lenny6 lenny7

I’m rushing, rushing, rushing, to get finished with my work to take some time off for the Thanksgiving holiday.  I’m so excited to be able to spend time with family and take some time to not work.  I can say I think I’ve had more go wrong in this last month than in a really long time, but that’s okay, because God is ALWAYS Faithful.  Do you believe that too?  Amen, friends.  Let’s keep up the Faith.  It’s not ALL we can do.  It’s what we MUST do.

God bless you guys –


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