Last night was one of the roughest I’ve had in a long time. Or ever. I’ve been so overtired this week and so overloaded with work that I felt I lost control (which is a horrible feeling)… Control over my emotions, control over balance in my life… I succumbed to it and felt as if part of me had given up. I wept hard. I hurt inside that I had lost quality time with my boy this week for work. I sometimes feel like I’m hanging on by a thread… And it’s starting to break, strand by strand in front of my eyes. I’m a positive writer. Writing negatively serves no purpose. But this is not negative writing. It’s honest writing for a positive purpose. I don’t want a blog that reflects all fluff because life is full of lessons, and they’re not all Instagram-worthy.

My hero is Joyce Meyer. She doesn’t write fluff. She writes real life. So people can learn from her mistakes and also see how God has taken her from such a dark place to a place full of light and life. I love her as a true sister in Christ.

I look at this precious fake-smile picture of my boy and I ache that I get so unbalanced sometimes. Please take a look at dear pictures of those you love today… Keep them close… And always ask yourself if the time in what you’re doing is actually “worth” it… Or if deep down, it’s really just “fluff.”



2 thoughts on “Life.

  1. My heart breaks for you as I read this honest and real perception of your life on this particular day. You are such a loving and amazing person – talented and kind! If I can do anything for you, always know I am here! Sending you wishes and prayers for a kinder day in your life tomorrow! You are so deserving! Love, Aunt Patty

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