Stepping into Fall…

It’s never hard for me to say goodbye to Summer.  I can appreciate so much about it, but my heart has always been and always will be forever in Fall.  The changing of the leaves, their departure, saying goodbye to Summer… the spicy fragrances and chilly breezes…  I can’t enough of it.  Last night I had to buy a new jar of Yankee scented beads… this one is Spiced Pumpkin.  I set it out on my dresser… just having it there made me so excited.  (Thank you, Cracker Barrel!)

This season in my life and those close to me has not been an easy road.  I know God allows us to go through various trials that will refine us, grow us, make us stronger, and allow us to help others.  I think the most seasoned people make the best servants.  How can we truly be a servant to God if we don’t let Him use us… if we don’t let him experience the painful hurts of life so we can help lift up another person going through that same pain.  Think of Christ.  He knows what it’s like to be ridiculed… to be teased… to be hated… to be spat on… to be CRUCIFIED.  Don’t you think He understands when we get our feelings hurt, when we’re abused, when we’re suffering…  He understands the most minute pain to the most severe, and Why?  Well, yes, because He is GOD, but also because he ENDURED it.  I think God sometimes prepares His servants by allowing them to endure certain hardtimes, so they can then reach others first through mere “relation” and understanding their pain.  I’m not saying God causes pain to use it for His will, but He is with us when we endure it, and He makes something beautiful out of it.  One man’s trash is another man’s treasure?  Yes!  What is hard for you, God can turn into something beautiful, and then bless YOU and someone else through it.  Treasure in life is not only Gold.  It’s love… friendship… happiness.  Which brings me to this breathtaking quote from one of my musical heroes… John Lennon:image


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