Lennon: Beatrix Potter

Yesterday I needed to try out my new lens I’ve been waiting quite a while for.  And boy was it worth the wait, I already ADORE it!  I put an old outfit on Lenny (a 3T, lol, and he’s 5 on Sunday).  He was a great sport and went along with everything.  My little buddy.

I have been planning on doing a Winnie the Pooh themed-shoot with him as Christopher Robin, but I couldn’t find my classic pooh animals last-minute yesterday, but I had his Beatrix Potter bunny, and his nursery was Beatrix Pottter (actually still IS), so I thought this would be very special.  (I still want to do the Winnie the Pooh shoot in the near future though…)  🙂

A video collage here: http://animoto.com/play/QBS7sZoZJoOkavQyGfU2VA

Here are a few images, and please check out the full set on my photography site blog:









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