Today we took Lenny to the carnival we thought was still there from passing it late last night. Well, sadly it was gone and Lenny saw the remainder of the rides packed up on truck beds. If that’s not a sad site for a 4-yr-old, tell me what is!  So I thought we’d take him to Stuart Park, which of course he Loved. That is Park Paradise to Lenny. He even paused at one point and said, Mama, Take a Picture at Me! (Yes, AT me.)  I knew he must’ve been having a blast if he Requested a photo among the gazillions I was already taking. Yah, I know… ME taking Pictures… imagine that!! 😛

Saturday Lenny went to stay with Mimi and GOM pretty early in the day, so Lucas could join me on my busy,  double-wedding weekend. We shot a gorgeous wedding in Southside,  AL Saturday, and with a nearly 2 1/2 hr ride back AND losing an hour coming home, Mimi offered to have Lenny sleep over (which he’s expecting way too much now,  lol). That was brilliant,  because after getting in, downloading all of my images in different places, and feeling a crazy second-wind, I Maybe got to sleep around 5 a.m. Then, on Sunday,  it was time to do it all again, this time at the lovely Read House in Chattanooga, and Lenny paying his Nonny and Pop-Pop a visit for the day. I got home around 10 or so, downloaded images, spent too long at my computer,  and today I slept ’til Kingdom Come (thanks to Lucas).

It started off a pretty bum day, the real low point being when Lenny fell off the front porch,  hitting his back really hard (and thank the Lord, missing his head) on the stone steps. It could’ve been much, much worse,  but he’s doing okay (thank you Jesus! ).  Then the carnival was closed on top of that. Lenny calls the carnival The World. He said, Are we going to the world now?  I said,  see Luc, I told you we were out-of-this-world (ha). Still not sure why Lenny references it that way, but there’s a lot I don’t understand about Lenny. 😉 And that’s okay.

Our day ended better with me finishing up some photography work while Lenny and Dada played Batman. I also may have rented a new version of Flowers in the Attic (a favorite of mine) and another with the man Lucas has given me permission to marry (lol), Alan Rickman, who I’ve loved since my teens.

I hope you’ve had a lovely Monday. If you want to see some of the Alabama wedding gorgeousness, please visit my site http://www.madamebrown.net/2014/06/haven-clay-married (Haven and Clay).

Here are some shots from the park. 🙂



(This was when he asked me to take his picture,  lol.)






(Looking at dinosaur fossils.)




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