Happy 10th Birthday, Fasi!!!

Today is my furry child, Fasi’s 10th birthday.  I can’t even put into words what this precious little life means to me.  She has been there for me in thick and thin, in the beautiful and the ugly.  I found her in a pet shop when she was a baby, and she was so sickly, she looked like a little kitten from behind.   I wanted her so bad.  My mother was with me that day, and she just, out of the blue, decided to buy her for me.  I had always wanted a red-headed Pomeranian named “Musfasa” (like the lion king), and I had planned to get its hair cut like a lion.  Well, I met my Mufasa that day, and for short, she would be forever called “Fasi.”  (sounds like Fossy)

A few months after I got her, I moved to France for (what I thought was) the long haul.  I took Fasi with me to town… to the park… to the castle… to restaurants… shopping… to the sea…  you name it, she went with me.  And due to unforseen circumstances, when I realized I would not be staying for the long haul, Fasi was there with me when my family was all the way in the states awaiting my return home.  She was with me on the train to Paris… in the taxis… changing trains and heading through Belgium, and finally on to our final destination, Amsterdam, where we would spend the night and fly home the next day.  We ate sandwiches together as we traveled.  I was there for her and she was there for me.  She’s like a child to me… and even more like the tiniest little best friend you could ever have.  No one will ever understand the bond Fasi and I have.  God brought her in my life in the perfect timing, when He knew I would need her most.

Today she’s ten.  She is still one of the biggest joys in my life.  As a young puppy, I would dress her up in clothes and hats.  My sister, Haley, bought me this newborn hat, and since I’ve done mostly weddings as of late, I had to put it on my own “baby girl.”  😉

Happy Birthday, my dearest little God-given friend.  May you have many, many more beautiful birthdays!



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