Memorable Weekend…

This weekend was one of the busiest in my life, I think. After closing up shop at school this week and switching classrooms, we drove to Nashville after school on Friday to celebrate Dad’s 60th birthday at the Opry. I can’t even begin to tell you what a special night it was. Dad played 2 songs on his Gretsch guitars, and it touched me heart how he spoke from his heart (which Dad always does, but this night it really moved me even more). You could feel the spirit of The Lord in the Opry house. I went out front to photograph his set, all the while trying to time it out to get shots of him leaving the stage as well.

What I left out earlier was I got sick this week and had to finish up final exams while feeling miserably sick. On Thursday, I barely made it home driving Lenny. I felt so sick at the wheel. I went in the house, couldn’t even take the dogs out, and just laid on my bed until Lucas came home. It hurt for Lenny to even barely touch the bed. Any movement made me ill. I kept thinking, how am I going to get through this?? I knew I couldn’t miss school because of final exams… I knew I couldn’t miss Dad’s 60th birthday event at the Opry and party… and I knew I couldn’t miss the wedding I also had to shoot the next day (Saturday). Well, God touched me and with His help and medicine, I was able to make it through both days above and beyond what I even thought I would be able to. Praise God for never failing us and Always being on time!

Back to the Opry… as I went backstage again, Dad was finishing up, and then as he was walking off, they stopped him and the entire Opry sang Happy Birthday to him. That was already sentimental to me, but his face as they did it was priceless and a very emotional moment for all of us in my family. You may not know Dad very well, but if you did, you’d know how much he Loves the Grand Ole Opry and what a special part of his life it is. Playing there on his 60th birthday was the icing on the cake. I’ll never forget that precious moment as he walked off-stage. I’ll never forget it.

After the show, we grabbed dinner as a family and had an AWESOME cake that Heidi and Haley got together. (I’ll have to post pictures soon… I haven’t had enough time to really sort through them all yet.) It was such a beautiful night.

The next day I got up and headed out to Jasper, to photograph a wedding (with my trustee assistant, Lucas). It was a beautiful day, and though it DID rain on us 2 or 3 times… it ended up beautiful, just the same, and I was able to capture a rainbow in my images. (I think that’s a first… atleast in a wedding image.)

Now that I’m out of school, it will be so nice to focus on fewer tasks at one time. I’ll be blogging more soon with more images from this weekend. I have so many (lol). But you can see some Opry photos here:

Have an awesome Memorial Day tomorrow, friends!

(This is Dad as they sang to him.)




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