Sunday drive…

Yesterday we decided to take a country drive, which we really love to do whenever we have the chance.  We drove out 411 to Maryville.  411 is my old stomping grounds.  I used to take 411 out to Madisonville every day to teach Spanish at Sequoyah High School (and the Middle school there, first period).  It really was a nice school, and there are things about it I miss.  Even though I don’t miss the long commute, I miss the gorgeous, scenic drive of the long commute.  I used to take several routes to school, just to change it up, and sometimes, to avoid too much fog (as Charleston is renowned for).  I could take 163 down to Delano and get on 411 to Madisonville… I could take Hwy 11 down to Sweetwater and then cut over to Madisonville, or I could get on I-75 from Charleston to the Sweetwater exit and head down the country road to Madisonville (which sits right on 411).  Any of the ways were nice routes.  In December of that school year, I was pregnant with Lennon.  He was my little Madisonville buddy.  I remember calling Dad up on my way to school, Super early in the morning (Sorry, Dad!), and asking him to pray for me, because I felt so sick (lots of morning sickness).  Even though the people were great to me there, I cried many tears that year… I longed to be home.  I remember going all the way to Cleveland after school, and listening to Dad play his guitar… and having dinner with Dad and Ma… because it was HOME to me, and I LONGED to be home. What’s crazy is I live in the same house today in Charleston as I did then… but I felt SO much farther away, having worked a good ways away.  Having Lenny with me (even though he was in the womb), made the last semester much more like home to me.  I loved taking my little buddy to school with me every day, especially enjoying the moments when I could feel him kick.  I miss those days of having that precious little life inside of me, but how precious these days are now that he’s with me and brightens my life so much.  I was very blessed to have 2 years off to be with Lennon.  I’ll always treasure that time.  I treasured it then, but I treasure it even more now…  Now that it’s gone.

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So, driving out there yesterday, there were some nice memories, but at the same time, it made me appreciate that much more that I’m home now… and am able to work in such a beautiful town as Cleveland.  There’s no place like home!

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This week feels monumental and huge and overwhelming… We’re closing in on our last week of school… we have final exams… final grades to get in… I’m moving classrooms (and getting a window, Yee Haw!!!!)… Friday is Dad’s special “60th Birthday”!!! (which we’re celebrating at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville! / He’s playing, so tune in at!)… and Saturday I’m shooting a wedding in Jasper!  Phew!!!  It’s gonna be a busy week, but a happy one, and much anticipated.  And, after all, next week will be much lighter, as we’ll be out for SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Can I get an AMEN!!!!!!!!  😉

I wish you all a safe and Happy week.  If you’re feeling downtrodden about anything, remember Who can take your sorrows away and fill it with unspeakable joy.  If you don’t know who, contact me and we can talk about Him.  He’s very special to me.

Happy Last Week of School, friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  🙂

(LOVE this in B/W)

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