A Tuesday in May…

Yesterday was one of the most beautiful days I’ve had in a long time.  It was sunny and lovely.  After school, we went to Mimi and Poppy’s (which is a regular routine for me and Lenny), and Right as Caleb opened the door, Junior immediately asked him if they were going to play games.  My Junior is now a little Gamer.  He is hopelessly hooked now.  His favorite is Batman Lego. I mean, he leaves school talking about going home and playing Batman Lego!  Caleb told him he got a new game that Lenny would like… and that it was Batman.  Lenny’s face was priceless.  You could see the excitement!  He ran to the staircase and kicked off his shoes (right in the middle of the floor where everyone could trip on them and break their necks, as usual) and ran up before Caleb could even move from the foyer.  He and Caleb are game buddies now.

Dad and Ma took us out to dinner last night (Jenkins, one of my favorites!), and after dinner they took us for dessert at Perkits (another Favorite of mine).  Then, me and Ma took a little drive at dusk (another of my absolute favorite things to do).  When we got back, Junior headed straight for the back yard to ride his doonbuggy.  This is one of his treats at Mimi and Poppy’s house.  The grandkids ADOOOOOOOOORE riding doonbuggies.  He rode his doonbuggy out on the tennis court while Poppy did an evening walk around the court.  Meanwhile, I sat with Ma on the back porch and watched the most beautiful, golden sunset hit the trees and garden statues.  It took my breath away.  As primarily a natural light photographer, a lot of my time is spent studying light and constantly watching it on-location at weddings / photo shoots, etc… But last night I was able to just enjoy the light, which is a treat.  I could see the gold hitting the angel statue, right where little Jasmine is buried.  It looked like Paradise.  I remember showing Ma the light in different places, and saying, it won’t be there in a couple of minutes, and surely, it was gone so quickly.  I know how quick that beautiful light goes.  It makes you enjoy it even more.  We have light every day, a majority of the day, but there is a peace in this light that rises at dawn and falls at dusk.  It reminds me that God is Light.  I think that’s why I crave it so much.  There is a peace and healing I can’t explain in this light.  It’s even more special because we don’t have it for very long each day and can’t take it for granted.

Poppy and Lenny took a last stroll just before the light was gone.  He gets as excited to see Lenny as Lenny does to see him.  They are best buddies for life.  He begs me now to spend the night at their house.  It’s his Disneyland.  I don’t know what I’d do without my parents’ unfailing love and commitment to us.  We could have lost a lot these past few years, I can tell you that, were it not for them giving us the shirts off their back and helping us in our times of need.  I’m forever indebted.  Even if I could pay back everything they’ve helped me with financially over the years, I don’t ever think it would be enough to show the gratitude I feel for their giving hearts.  There’s a special place in Heaven for people like Dad and Ma.

Two days to the weekend, friends.  Hope your week is as beautiful as yesterday’s sunset was.




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