Riding out the storm…

Yesterday we were expecting severe weather. I knew as we had a beautiful weekend (and so happy it was beautiful for the wedding I shot!), that we would end up paying for it, being April. Panicked as I always get, I took Lenny to spend the night at Mom and Dad’s. Lucas usually stays home with the 3 dogs and keeps everything up there. Lenny was super-excited to spend the night at Mimi’s again (and SO was I!!!). We were happy to have Caleb with us, too (as Mom and Dad were out of town). So, we kept up with Paul Barys (my favorite local meteorologist), and everything was going fine… Caleb put on a Disney Junior show for Lennon… I was talking to Ma on the phone… and then Dad beeped in and said he got a tornado warning on his phone. “I” hadn’t even seen it yet!!! I panicked… changed plans from the bathroom to go into a hall closet, where Caleb and I pulled out EVERYTHING faster than I ever thought we could… got in… and called Dad. If this will tell you anything, there was even a spider in there that Lenny saw, and I just brushed it away like it was nothing, and I’m TERRIFIED of spiders!!! (I don’t think it was alive, so that helped.) Dad prayed with us on the phone, and then he had to run and play a concert!! I was soooooo sad he had to hang up, as I was flipping out. He said we would be safe in the bottom bathroom too, which was my first plan, so out we went to the original plan (lol). Lenny, Mushu (the family dog), and I were in the shower, and Caleb was just outside it. I called Ma and unloaded (cried like a baby) and said how I wished she were here. Whenever I get into a deep, terrifying, state of fear… I think I revert to being a child again… and Mom and Dad are my comfort… and of course, my dear Lord and Savior, who understood me regardless of my jibberish prayers that probably made no sense, as I panicked. Good thing Lenny didn’t catch on at ALL! He thought we were hiding in the bathroom (lol), and being the crazy, not-so-much-like-me-sometimes son that he is, he decided it would be fun to poke fun at me and tease me… and keep laughing hard when I was trying to hear the meteorologist talking from the other room… Yep, he’s my little joker.

So, we got in the bathroom around 9:45… and guess when the tornado warning was set to expire… TEN THIRTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, 10:30. 45 minutes we’d have to sit in sheer terror, wondering if it was above us or not. Thankfully, it bypassed us. And then there was a tornado in the Athens area just outside of town. And then Knoxville about an hour away. Several in Alabama to our southwest. It was a wild night!!! We’re on a 2 hour delay here at school today, and the downside is… we’re expecting more of the same weather this afternoon and evening/night. Please say a prayer for all of our safety.

On a lighter note, we found this picture in the closet from YEARS ago, when I think Haley and I had gone to Gatlinburg, and I think this is pretty hilarious…  (check out my sweet braces!)


And when I got home yesterday, Lenny said Hi Mom, I’m hungry!!!  (as he ate out of a huge tub of cheese balls, lol).  I had to snap a picture.  🙂 (Too bad it’s blurry… as you can see… I had the STORM on my mind…)

Processed with VSCOcam

I hope you have a wonderful Tuesday, friends.  Thanks for saying a prayer for us all in the path of these storms.  God bless you guys.


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