Happy Tuesday!

It’s only Tuesday and I’m officially Beat.  I’ve been going non-stop for over a week now without a day of rest.  Yesterday, Poppy came home after a trip to Texas, and he brought Lenny a special surprise.  This has to be Lenny’s favorite gift ever.  First of all, let me say that Lenny talks every day about his favorite IPAD game, which is shooting dinosaurs.  He talks about it at school, too.  He “WUVS” guns.  Now, mind you, this is very innocent and he’s talking about cowboys and shooting monsters and stuff.  I picked him up from school the other day and he said really loudly in the parking lot, Hey Mama, I have a GUN!  I was like, Lenny, don’t say that so loud!!  He was holding up his right hand in the shape of a gun.  He’s a bit obsessed… and again, in a completely innocent way (and living in a game and cartoon-land where guns are just part of killing monsters).  I told him I don’t like guns, but he says, well I WUV guns Mama, I WUV guns.  (lol)

Poppy brought Lenny back a full set of Texas Ranger gear.  It came with 2 guns, a badge and holster, and he also got him a kerchief and a nice new cowboy hat (Lenny has worn his other out and outgrown it).  Lenny was so excited, it looked like Christmas again.  He literally lit up from ear to ear.  He was not only ecstatic that he got a new gun, but that he had TWO guns.

This morning, I heard a loud bang, which scared me, and I turned around and saw Lenny (halfway in the dark) picking up one of his guns he had dropped.  He had come out of his room with BOTH guns.  If I didn’t know better, I’d say he woke up early excited about them, because he’s never up when I’m there in the morning (he gets up after I leave).  I had to take a picture (and he didn’t make one complaint).  😉

Processed with VSCOcam

So, there you go.  Thanks to Poppy, I have one very happy little Cowboy.  Happy Tuesday, friends!!


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