Junior Brown in Spring.

Yesterday was so lovely and warm…  high near 80, so when we got home, I took the 3 dogs out to enjoy the sunshine, along with my little outdoor ninja, Lenny.  I, of course, had to take some shots of him on this gorgeous day, with his shorts on (this is the first day I’ve put him in shorts this year).  Too cute, eh?  😉  I also love the image below with Luci trying desperately hard to get out of the pen.  She was only in there a little while so she didn’t have to be on a leash and could enjoy the sunny weather, but that wasn’t good enough for Lucille Magillicutti (lol).

Here’s wishing you a bright, sunshiney weekend with only happy moments.

IMG_71230523024949 IMG_71238279106132 IMG_75822877024442 IMG_75831897869856 IMG_75839251662010


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