Date night

Last night Ma kept Lenny for Luc and I to go out on a date.  She offered, we accepted…  It was wonderful.  🙂  We took a walk on the greenway, too, which if you don’t live here, is a great walkway that runs all around town.  It’s almost like being in a movie.  There’s all kinds of people from town (young / old) that walk together, take their dogs with them, run, laugh…  It’s so nice to see so many nice faces.  Luc and I had just eaten a large meal, so we were a bit slow (ha), but it was the most beautiful, dusk, time of day.  The weather was great, too (70s, I believe).  So, thanks again, Ma!  It’s really healthy to have a great night out with your special someone.  And hey… Junior Brown had his night out with Mimi and GOM, too.  Everyone had a date.  😉  I wish you all a very Happy weekend!!!  🙂

IMG_20140403_190708 IMG_20140403_194656


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