I had a great Spring break last week.  It was nice to not have to go to school every day, though I was still working my photography job.  Over the weekend, I did two Nashville sessions.  We arrived early Saturday morning with terrible weather.  It was cold, it was dreary, drizzling… pretty bad.  That afternoon I decided to postpone my family session a day (since I knew Sunday would be so much nicer).  However, we kept the other session I had that day, which was a Proposal.  We had a bit of a clearing, with just cloud-coverage and a bit windy (but not raining!), and we did it!  The groom-to-be was Haley’s father-in-law, Greg, proposing to Johann, his beautiful bride-to-be.  She smiled from ear-to-ear and said YES, of course.  I told them later… wouldn’t it have been awful if she said No, and I had to blog pictures with upset faces and a turned-down proposal??  (Just kidding, I would NEVER post that… or Would I??… ha, ha)

Yesterday, we had a GORGEOUS Nashville day.  Heidi mentioned taking the kids skating.  Lenny has never been skating before, and I was able to join them before my session.  When I saw his tiny roller skates, JUST like the ones I used to rent, I almost burst into tears, it was so precious.  And let me tell you, this place was like walking right back into the late eighties/early nineties (colors/decor/everything!).  I was so sad Haley wasn’t able to make it.  Haley and I used to go practically every weekend when we were kids, and Haley could skate like a Champ!  She even did the skating races!!  I miss those days.  😦  The cool thing is they had these pipe-type things to hold onto for kids just learning how to skate.  Heidi took him around the rink while I took pictures on my phone.  It was tooooooo sweet!!!!!  He got about half-way around the rink, and then he was ready to get off the rink and do games and get an icee.  We did one game where he hit a button and a ball fell into a holes that had different amounts of tickets you could win.  His fell into the “100” ticket hole.  He was so proud.  🙂  It was so sweet taking him to the ticket counter with all his tickets to get his prizes (although it’s pretty much a rip-off, lol).  Of COURSE he wanted the little cheap truck that was over 200 tickets (that I could probably get at Everything’s a Dollar).  Oh well, he was a great sport and got some cute trinkets he was still proud of.

Ma kept our sweet Luci for us, and we picked her up from her house around midnight.  Dad got in from Atlanta just after us (not uncommon for Dad, lol).  It was fun getting in around the same time and knowing Dad was also driving in from the other direction (when it seems so late and desolate on the roads).  We stayed a few minutes to say hell0, and then we headed home, and of course I was WIRED.  I think I maybe got to sleep closer to 3 a.m., and so this morning I feel like a ZOMBIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  But it’s all good.  😉  Back to work I go after school today with photography… full-loads again… but praise God for a beautiful, 70s, sunny day today!

God bless you guys and have and awesome week!!!!

Greg proposing to Johann.
Greg proposing to Johann.  Pictures off the back of my camera.
Lenny's first skating rink experience!!!
Lenny’s first skating rink experience!!!



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