Spring has Sprung!

Spring is FINALLY here!!!  I thought it would NEVER get here this year.  Mother Nature has been teasing us for a while now… and then goes back and forth to cold weather, like it did yesterday (when I really wanted to wear my matching sandals, and boy was that a poor choice and frigid!).

Many have asked about Lucas, and he’s doing well (still store, but well).  Kidney stones are no joke.  I pray I never have one… and since it runs in Luc’s family, I pray Lenny never has one!!  They look to be the most excruciating, painful thing.  I’m so glad that Lucas is at the end of this run, after having 2 stones at the same time.

I drew on a scrap sheet of paper at a restaurant this little drawing as a joke, and told Lenny it was us, and he wasn’t understanding why Dada wasn’t smiling… which was my joke… but if anyone knows Lucas well, you’d know that this could actually be a real-life portrait (ha, ha).  I told Lenny to let me get a quick picture of it as a joke (to send Luc), because Lenny was grabbing the pen and so anxious to make Dada “happy” in the picture.


As you may already know, we expanded our family by one precious little furry member, Lucille (“Luci”).  Whenever I want to see her run around and get super-frisky and nutty, I’ll yell, “LUCILLE MAGILLICUTTI!!!”  lol  If you ever watched the show I Love Lucy, you’d know they would periodically make reference to Lucy Ricardo’s maiden name, Magillicutti (possibly spelled McGillicuddy).  I named her after Lucy.  Not after Lucille Ball, but Lucy Magillicutti (even though I’m not actually sure if they ever referenced her as Lucille being her birth name in the actual show).  ANYWAY, I spell it “Luci” with an “I,” because, of course, I’m Holli with an “I,” and Lucille Ball actually named her own daughter Lucie with an “IE,” so my Luci is right in-between.  😉  I’m a HUGE I Love Lucy fan (Who isn’t?  .. really).  I have Lucy memorabilia in my house.  I STILL watch episodes regularly and NEVER tire of them.  I’ve shown it in my classes.  That show makes me smile in the happiest times and in the darkest times of my life.  Lucy is right up there with Joyce Meyer in my life.  As if God put them in my life for healing when I need it the most… Lucy for the healing humor God gives as a gift in people (my husband has this gift), and Joyce for the healing message of love, comfort, and truth she brings.  I wish so badly I could’ve bet Lucille Ball.  I can still meet Joyce, and let me tell you, I think I’d ball like a baby if I did… not because I think she has ANY special power or authority over other people, but because of her honesty and dedication to spread God’s word as He instructed, she has helped me through my hardest times in life.  She is my Sister in Christ, and I tear up thinking about how much I love this Woman.

But back to Luci… in the short week she’s been with us… I already can’t imagine my life without her.  She has brought so much joy.  She has the most precious little spirit.  She’s Wild, folks.  She’ll puppy-bite you right and left, and then lick you.  She has a spunky, vivacious spirit.  She LOVES to fight Wicket (and Fasi reads her a new one when she tries to fight her).  Poor Wickey can’t take much and gets upset pretty quickly, but she fights back and tells Luci where her place is.  😉  I said, Hey, we get free dog fights!  KIDDING.  I don’t let it go too far. (ha)  They’re just funny to watch interact.

And now back to being the first day of Spring…  Spring is my Next-to-favorite season (next to Fall).  I LOVE Spring.  I absolutely adore flowers.  I try to incorporate them in my images as much as I can.  (Check out Luci’s first portrait.)  The only hard part is the stinkin’ Allergy problems that come with the season ( and thankfully my allergy meds have been working well).  But other than that, and other than severe weather (which makes my stomach knot-up thinking about it), I LOVE SPRING!!!  It makes me think of Winnie the Pooh and their Spring movies.  (They have the most beautiful Spring movies, by the way, if you have kids or not, lol, watch them.)

Hope you all have an awesome Thursday.  Happy Spring, and Stay in touch!

He loves pizza.  :)
He loves pizza. 🙂
Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset
Still sharing London pictures. Oh, how I MISS it!!

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