I used to love Mondays.  A small part of me still loves them.  But my grand love for Mondays was when my life was a bit different.  Without going into detail, it was a simpler time.  I would never give up what I have today, but there are times I long for the simplicity I once had.  Sometimes I wish I could be the kid again and sit in the back of Mom and Dad’s cars… and have no debts… no responsibilities…   no worries…  Mom and Dad always took care of those things for us.  They still do.  I’m a big, grown-up kid.  Sometimes I feel that way.  I’m thankful I still have them taking care of me… and I’m ever-thankful our Father in Heaven still takes care of us all.  Every day.

Lucas’ surgery went well.  He’s doing much better.  Sore, but well.  Tomorrow’s Tuesday, and next week I have Spring break.  Plus, we get to wear jeans on Thursday and Friday of this week at school.  Is it silly how I get excited about that?  I always say, I teach better in jeans.  It’s a fact.  Because I perform better when I’m feeling better.  😉

On a sad note, a precious girl at my school, whom I often pass in the hall, just lost her mother… unexpectedly.  She came to school today.  My fellow teacher and friend hugged and held her.  I asked her, feeling dumb, if there was anything I could do.  What do you say?  It took everything not to lose it and burst into tears with her.  She broke my heart today.  Please keep Kara in your prayers.  She needs the Healing touch that only the Lord can give.  She needs Comfort and Peace.  Remember her, if you will.

You all have a blessed week.  Hoping for the warmer 70s temperatures again.  I think I have the cold blues. It’s doing me in.  😉

Love you all –

(Happy to have Drew here with us this week…)



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