Dad is at the Musikmesse in Frankfurt, Germany this week.  Thanks to our good friend, Rob Wilson, for sending us a few images.

photo 3

It seems like only yesterday I was there.  I remember going with Haley, and we had so much fun.  I had a blast selling merchandise with Euros (I LOVE using foreign money).  It was so fun meeting people from ALL sorts of different places.  I remember trying to learn a few German phrases.  Haley and I would walk around to the different booths…  We’d go to lunch at the cafe downstairs, and I remember I’d get pasta with tomato sauce.  Like EVERY day.  Hey, if it ain’t broke!  (I’m still that way… I pretty much eat the same things all the time… not a great thing, I suppose.)

Germany was the first European country I went to.  I remember at my graduation dinner (at Olive Garden, which I requested, because it was, and STILL is, one of my favorite restaurants), Mom and Dad gave me a card, and inside, it said I was going to EUROPE!  This was my DREAM!  I used to watch period piece movies all the time in college and DREAM of Europe.  I couldn’t believe I was going to be able to go!  It was the first of many blessed trips I’d be able to make.

The first day there, I watched a lady at the airport walk off with my suitcase.  I remember thinking that it looked JUST like mine, and I was pretty sure it was, but I was too shy and didn’t stop her.  I found out it WAS in fact mine, and we got to the AWESOME hotel (the Frankfurterhoff), and I was without EVERYTHING.  Dad took me shopping at this awesome mall there, and I bought a new shirt, I remember, and maybe some makeup… and thank the LORD, by that night or the next day, my luggage showed up at the hotel!!!  Not a great way to start off your first trip overseas, but hey… it ended well… and NEXT time I’ll speak up!!  😉

I thank God for all of the wonderful journies I’ve already been able to make in my life.  I pray you all make beautiful journies, too.  If you would, keep Lucas in your prayers.  He has surgery tomorrow.  It’s outpatient and he’ll be going home tomorrow after, but I would appreciate your prayers that all will go well and he’ll be healed and feeling great in no time.

I wish you all a beautiful Thursday.



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