Sunday, Funday

Yesterday was a GORGEOUS 70 degrees!  We went to church (what a blessing yesterday’s sermon was), and after we headed to the Ocoee for the afternoon.  If you’re not from our area, this is the region they did the Whitewater Rafting Olympics.  It’s absolutely BEAUTIFUL!  Every time we ride out, Luc and I both wish we lived there… and that’s saying a Lot, because we can never agree on anything!  (lol)

Lenny had a blast saying “Kayaks”!!!!!  We yelled out each time we spotted people in kayaks.  He LOVED it!  On a not so hot note, I realized I didn’t check my gas gauge (my car doesn’t ding when it’s time for gas… what’s up with new cars not dinging for gas??  Come on people!).  We were several miles from the gas station, and I was praying I wouldn’t run out of gas just after a sharp turn in the Ocoee region, and then someone fly up behind me and not see me stopped.  We were sweating bullets the whole ride back to the gas station.  I PRAYED hard, let me tell you!!!  I coasted as much as I could.  Lenny kept yelling, “Kayaks,” and had no idea we were out of gas.  (Ah, to be little and innocent again.)  We DID make it to the gas station in time (PRAISE THE LORD!!!), but I wouldn’t be surprised if we Supernaturally Got There!!!!  That’s what I prayed.  That if we ran out of gas on the way that God would Supernaturally get us there!  🙂

You know the worst and most frustrating part??!  I was JUST at that gas station just before we went to the water, to get SNACKS.  Yes, chocolate… gum… candy… to have fun and snack on, and you would have THOUGHT I would’ve checked my Gas Gauge like a Normal person.  😉  Nope, all I could think of was Chocolate.  lol

I forgot to mention that we had a wonderful lunch with Ma and Caleb at the Ocoee Gondolier, who so graciously met us out there to join us for lunch.  🙂  There was a motorcyle gang there, which Lenny LOVED.  All guys… one lady… and she had a Yellow motorcycle!  That would be Me… if I was a biker.  😉

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend like I did!!!  Here’s to a safe and beautiful week for you, too!

Love to you all –

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