Finally Friday!

What a week it’s been!  I am SOOOOOOOOO glad it’s Friday!!!!!  Lucas has been sick with kidney stones (the Worst!)  I pray I never have a kidney stone and that Lenny doesn’t get them.  I’ve never seen Lucas in so much pain, and it tears me up.  He’ll be having a scan soon to see if it’s too big.  He thought he was feeling a kidney stone in the other one, but thankfully it has settled down some.  Please keep him in your prayers, if you would!

Do you ever have a week where no matter how much rest you seem to get, you’re STILL tired like you’ve been operating on no sleep?  That’s me this week.  I feel I’ve gotten enough rest each night and still want to fall asleep by 7 p.m.  I think everything’s catching up with me.  It’s been a lot of stress since Lucas has been sick.  I realize how much I count on him for so many things.  Maybe I take him for granted…  Well, I know I do, and I feel bad about it.  This week makes me appreciate him even more.  He’s a good man.  He’s so good to me.

On top of kidney stones, Luc’s car died this week… and is in the shop.  Boy, when it rains it POURS, eh???  But I know God will take care of us as He always does.  And a special thanks to my parents for helping us get it to the shop when it died.  They left everything in the middle of what they were doing and helped me out… as they ALWAYS do.  They’re SelfLESS people.  They put us before themselves and always have.  They are such an example of how I want to be for Lenny (my precious one and only).

On some lighter notes, Poppy gave Lenny some dinosaurs that grow in the water (which he ADORES), and he played with those for probably 2 hours (lol), and he told me that one of his dinosaurs “got died” in the water.  I said he died?  And Lenny was adamant about it.  That dinosaur passed.  😉  He also had the horse and carriage Poppy gave him, and he said the horse was “good,” but the dinosaurs were “bad.”  😉

Lenny now runs around the house holding out a hanger with his hand (hook in hand, and the long side facing out), and reaches his other hand back like he’s holding a bow and arrow.  VERY creative, I thought.  He also made a huge Gun out of paper yesterday.  This kid’s imagination, I’m telling you!!!  He’s so bright.  Now do I like that he’s making pretend WEAPONS?????  Heck no.  (lol)  But since he is, I’m glad he’s been creative about it.  Plus, Lucas says he’s only allowed to shoot monsters (and zombies).  I’m only concerned when Lenny aims his imaginary weapons at me and looks at me like a “monster.”  😉  Poppy doesn’t mind him being a cowboy, though.  You DO know my Dad’s a cowboy at heart, right???  🙂

One more thing… Yesterday we had a guy doing our lawn and gutters (PRAISE God for that!!!!!  I feel lighter just looking at it now.)… and I told Lenny the night before that he was coming and that he could watch out his windows.  Lucas, who was home with Lennon, said he watched out practically EVERY window (the whole time, I think), and when the guy was leaving… Lenny went up to Luc and said, Da-da, you didn’t give the man his money!!!  LOLOL!!!  Where on Earth would he even know that?  (And we do pay the man by the way, lol).  Pretty smart kid (I’m bragging, I know).  I love my boy.

Well, enough random rambling…  I wish you all a beautiful weekend.  Please leave a comment sometime and let me know you stopped by my virtual home.  😉  Love to all of you –



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