Sleepy Weekend…

Yesterday (Saturday), I got up early, ready to do a day full of sessions, photographing 3 baby boys and 3 baby girls (newborn to age 4).  It was a BUSY day, but I enjoyed seeing everyone so much.  My sister-in-law, Abbey, let me use her lovely sunroom to do my sessions in yesterday (since all of them were done indoors with a backdrop).  However, after a week full of sinus issues and coughing at night… I felt like a zombie yesterday after operating on little sleep for days.  So, last night, after dozing off early on the couch, I took some sinus medicine before heading to my room, and I didn’t cough a bit last night, so that was awesome!  Only thing is… the medicine worked so good it had me asleep for about 13 hours (lol).  I guess I needed sleep more than I thought I did!

Today we took an afternoon drive to Athens, and Ma and Caleb treated us to lunch.  It’s always so nice to take a nice drive. Now, it’s back to work for me… finishing up quite a bit of photography work I couldn’t get done during the week.

Let me say, we did rent a movie I thought was absolutely wonderful.  It stars ONLY Robert Redford… surviving out in the ocean after he had an incident with his boat.  It’s called All is Lost…  and I think he deserves an Academy award for it.  He’s wonderful.  And plus, he always makes me think of my boy.  I said, Lenny, that’s you when you’re older!!  😉

Here’s an image of Lenny yesterday when I needed to check my light really quick… and he insisted on holding that little device (I’m actually still not sure what it is) he always plays with at Abbey’s and pretended to be on the phone… He’s a photogenic little tike, isn’t he?!  If I do say so myself.  😉  (I asked him today where his silver shoes were… He said “I ate ’em.”  lol  I love this age…)


I hope you all have had a beautiful weekend.  Here’s to a lovely week for you!  (Chance of snow in the TN Valley on Tuesday.  I wouldn’t mind another day off from school!)  🙂  Happy Sunday, friends!

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