When the going gets tough… the tough get…

… nervous break downs?  lol  I don’t know.  I know the saying is When the going gets tough, the tough get going.  When life hands you lemons, make lemonade.  Sometimes it feels like I haven’t needed to make lemonade with lemons, but rather, I almost feel like my already delicious lemonade is turning back into lemons.  Does that even make sense?  Do you ever feel like you’re going “Backwards” instead of forward… thinking… I’ve already put so much time into this or that… I should be way further in my life and things should be better… they shouldn’t be this hard… You know what I’m talking about.  But sometimes the Lord allows to go through things, which in turn, make us GROW… make us STRONGER… make us TRUST in Him more… It BETTERS us… and boy don’t you know we appreciate the Good times again after the difficult periods in our lives.  Sometimes we take for granted our day-to-days, and then when we go through hard times… we begin to realize how beautiful, wonderful, and blessed our ‘ole, usual, “day-to-days” were.

Think of something you use every day.  Something you don’t even think about using.  Something that’s so habitual that it doesn’t even cross your mind that you’re using it.  I can give you one.  A hairbrush.  A simple hairbrush.  I brush my hair every morning before work.  I don’t think about it… I just do it.  But if you took every brush out of my home… and every day I had tangly hair that I had to run my fingers through to look halfway presentable, I think I would feel miserable.  I would hate that my hair didn’t feel right.  I would feel awkward out in public… thinking everyone was staring at my awful-looking hair…  I’d start to be really self-conscious about it.  My point is… it’s not the hair brush itself that’s so valuable to me… it’s that it’s part of my day-to-day that I need to feel complete.  It makes me feel better having used it.  I think that’s why fasting is so meaningful to God.  We give up something that means a lot to us every day… and we suffer inside without it… and through that suffering… comes a work from God in us.  I’m not saying we need to throw out our hairbrushes for God to do a work in us (lol)… but I mean we need to appreciate every teeny little blessing we have… I’ve heard it said before… if we can’t see God in the little things… How will we ever see Him in the big things?  He’s blessed me with a beautiful home… a car to get to work in… a family… 2 adorable dogs…music… and a hairbrush (ha).  It sounds so simple and silly about the brush, but there are people that don’t have those small luxuries in life.

So, what I need to concentrate on today is… When the going gets tough… we need to Seek Christ for comfort, peace, and healing…  and the negativity needs to get going!  I’m needing that peace today.  I’m so glad to know He’s always there to give it to me.


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