Snow Days!

We have thoroughly enjoyed our snow days this week.  My heart does go out to everyone in the south that was stuck or couldn’t get to their children at school.  We often get flack for getting out of school with an inch or two of snow, but people don’t realize that we’re not equipped to quickly recover in case of a rare snow storm, which is Exactly what happened this week.  I thank the Lord I was able to get my boy and make it back home.  I live about 15 minutes outside of the center of town, and the roads were pretty serious when we made it home.  We slipped and slid everywhere but made it home safely.  (A Special thanks to Dad and Ma for everything you did in helping us get home that day!!)  I know many that had a lot of aggravating problems, so to you all, I hope things are looking up!  The snow is beginning to melt, and had we been more prepared for it, it would have been a beautiful thing for many more this week.

Today I went outside with my boy, Lennon, to play in what’s left of the snow.  It was pretty special to me.  😉

lenny lenny2

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