Happy Halloween!

Tonight we went to a church Trunk-or-Treat, and though Lenny was pretty quiet and a little overwhelmed by the crowd, he Loved jumping in the bounce house and getting the candy.  I can’t help but be saddened by reading comments from people about how they don’t celebrate Halloween and that it’s so evil and there’s nothing about God in it.  Tonight my baby dressed up as a Great White Shark and he got a bunch of candy in his little orange pail.  There’s nothing evil about that.  I only hope people can understand that dressing up innocently for Halloween and having fun is no different than believing in Santa Klaus at Christmas.  I love Jesus and celebrate Him as much on Halloween as I do on Christmas and every other day of my life.  And my True, honest opinion is… I don’t think Jesus is offended at all that our kids dress up magically and eat candy until they can’t eat any more.  It’s about childhood memories.  Happiness.  Fun.  So have a very Happy Halloween!!!  And ENJOY the candy and sweet costumes.  🙂

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