Halloween Week!!!

Can you believe it’s Halloween week again????  Where has the time gone???  Do I always ask this??? 😉  Time flies when you’re having fun (and when you’re not, lol).  Halloween is pretty much my husband’s FAVORITE holiday (along with Christmas), as he ADORES horror films, costumes/makeup, etc.  Lennon is not quite there yet (lol).  He still gets a little spooked by some of the Halloween toys they have out in stores.  Especially the ones that have little scary men statues about his size, hidden in corners that you notice out of the blue JUST as you pass them.  We BOTH about fell down after passing one at Walgreens the other day (lol).  We laughed it off.  Good times.

Lucas and Lennon are both candy corn junkies!!!  I, on the other hand, Love the way they look, Love the texture, but HATE the taste.  Isn’t that a bummer?  I especially love the look of the candy corn pumpkin-shaped ones.  They’re SOOO adorable.  I do, however, go NUTS for caramel apples with nuts!!!!!  Oh My Gosh, I’d do about ANYTHING for one of those!!!  They are absolutely SINFUL!!!!

This week our forecast shows showers on Halloween.  I sure hope that changes, as I look so forward every year to taking little Lenny out to dinner and to trick-or-treat on Centenary, which is a street downtown Cleveland that has beautiful old homes and is crowded with little kids (and big kids) all dressed up… all the houses participate handing out candy… most having huge Halloween displays like it was Christmas!  Even movies are shown on the lawn.  I mean it’s like a MOVIE, and I’m not exaggerating in the least!  You know those kid movies you used to watch that showed Halloween trick-or-treaters all dressed up in a sweet way, with the Fall leaves in the street and the big, beautiful homes and that safe, home-town feeling?  That’s Centenary Street.

Here’s wishing you a safe and Happy Halloween!!  I’m posting an image of Lenny from last year when he was a goat (lol).  This year he’s going to be a Great White Shark!  (and you’ll have to find out what Fasi and Wickey are going to be… it’s too cute… pix coming).

Happy Halloween, friends!!!


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