What a busy month!

What a busy month this has been.  Transitioning back into school has taken a toll on all of us.  The early mornings… meetings… get-togethers… birthdays…  It’s been fun but wild!  Lennon is growing like a weed.  He’ll be 4 a week from Saturday (August 31st).  I’m trying to think of where those 4 years went.  Since I began working at school again, a couple of years ago, it seems like time began to fly.  I believe Lennon’s first 2 years of life were slower, and I could soak them in more, but now that we have such a busy schedule with school and work, everything is flying by way too quickly, which I’m not fond of, and frankly, it breaks my heart.

Next week, Dad is doing a concert at Calvary Chapel in Chattanooga for Prison Prevention Ministries, which is a GREAT cause.  Please come out and support this wonderful cause that helps today’s troubled youth steer clear of the wrong paths in life.  It’s on August 29th, and you can find details here.

Lucas is doing well in school.  If you don’t know, Lucas is training to become a licensed Cosmetologist.  He’s already examining my hair, nails… and telling me he could do it for me (lol).  I’m already like, Bring it On!  I don’t mind having someone at home doing my hair and nails for me!  Right on!!  I’m proud of Luc.

We’re on the brink of Fall (4 weeks?), and THAT, as you MUST know by now, is my FAVORITE season of the year!!!  I’m looking so forward to all of my Fall sessions… families… babies… weddings…  The beautiful colors of the leaves, the cooler / breezier / hoodie weather, the cinnamon / apple pie candles… Ahhh… I can’t wait!!!  Plus, I can’t wait to have the week of Fall Break!  😀

I hope all of you are doing well.  Here’s something funny to close with… Last week Lenny’s arm was wet and I asked him why, and he said Juice.  I said, was it an accident?  And he said Yes.  I said, Do you promise?  And he said, Yes, I promise!!…  In Jesus Name, Amen!!  Lol… I thought that was too cute.  And last night, I was talking to Lenny about eating his pizza and he said it had cheese on it… I said, You Love cheese!!  He said, No, I don’t WUV cheese.  Mommy and Daddy WUV cheese.  (lol… guess I need to keep that straight from now on!!)

Have a great week, friends.  Thinking of you and praying you’re all well…




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