A servant’s heart…

Tonight I’m reminded of my sister Haley’s lyrics to A Prayer for Grace,  when she sings,  I want to live for you,  with a servant’s heart,  always ready to do my part…

I always wanted to be a photographer… And today I am.  I am also a teacher.  But as I get older,  my life mission is to be a servant.  His servant.  I want to help others as they have helped me.  I want to be a blessing to others.  I want to be a blessing to my students, to my clients…  I never forgot my college  Spanish professor saying he was a servant.  And I believe he was,  as he was one of the most humble men I remember meeting.  I thank God for humility.  I thank Him for my struggles,  that in that I always rely on Him and never forget where the true power comes from… Were the truth is…  He keeps me close to Him.  He doesn’t let me get a big head and wander away.  He’s my Father and he guides me.  I love Him so much.  May we all endeavor to serve and be a living vessel of the Most High. God bless you guys…

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