After the rain…

After the Rain was actually one of my favorite songs from the Nelson Twins (way back in the 90s).  I saw them in person, ya know.  I’m proud of that.  😉  They’re way cool.   But anyway, our July 4th week was full of RAIN, RAIN, and then some more RAIN… and then a break… and then more RAIN.  But the rain these past couple of days is here and there.  The rain during the week of the 4th was absolutely non-stop and flooding many areas.  I do love a nice, steady, non-threatening rain… but the kind that stops after a bit… doesn’t cause road troubles, etc.  We did enjoy the cooler weather, though!  But we still have people shooting fireworks at night since they didn’t get to do barely any the week of the 4th.  Well, today (I guess yesterday, now that it’s after midnight) was le quatorze juillet, which is France’s Independance day… so some fireworks are still cool.  😉

I’m sad to think that in a few, short weeks, my boy will be going back to school, and so will I.  This has been a bit of an odd Summer, as I’ve only gone to Nashville for a day or so… vs. going to Florida like I had been doing in the Summers… and I’ve worked a lot this Summer (with my Photography business, which I LOVE… so that was fun)… but being home hasn’t been a bad thing.   I’ve thoroughly loved being with my boy at home.  And he has so much fun going to see family in town.  We took him to his new school the other day, and at first he wouldn’t stop clinging to me and Ma, but after a few minutes, he was ready to run to the playground… run around their gym… he didn’t want to leave!  One more year before he’s in kindergarten… Ah… I can’t believe it!!!

Well, friends, I sure hope you have a beautiful week!  Let’s remember to keep our eyes on the Lord.  Everything else is meaningless without Him.

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