Outside in May…

Today Lenny is home from having Pink eye, so I wanted him to be able to get outside some to get some fresh air.  We love going outside and relaxing in the lower 70s and shade.  😉  I let Wickey out at the beginning, but after only a few minutes, she was really ready to go back in.  In one of these pictures you’ll see Lenny crying…  we were about to go back inside, AND, he wanted to go grab his dinosaur from the backyard.  Double-tear-worthy reasons.  Breaks my heart to see his face like that, though.  He’s sleeping now, after a busy afternoon… so I wanted to go ahead and post some of these memories (as photographs are captured memories… I’m not a photographer, am I?  – lol)

DSC_7107 DSC_7114 DSC_7140 DSC_7148 DSC_7158 DSC_7177 DSC_7228 DSC_7235 DSC_7247 DSC_7256 DSC_7263


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