Happy Easter!

It’s a beautiful, rainy Easter day.  Sometimes I love the rain so much.  The gentle, beautiful rain.  The kind that you could stare at for hours, as it splashes up on your porch.  That’s a beautiful, peaceful rain.  And it brings me to thinking of how beautiful and peaceful our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ is.  I’m not a minister… but I do believe God ministers through all of us… if we Let Him.  Please remember today that Jesus “willingly” died for us… having been sent by the Father… so that we might have Eternal life with Him.  That’s a love we can’t yet fully understand, but one day we will.  I look forward to seeing the beautiful face of Jesus Christ… “O How He Loves You and Me.”  I think of that song we used to sing when we were little.  So, to you, Jesus, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you have done for us and all you will do for us.  You have taken us from hard times to awesome times… you always held our hand through dark times… you saved us from perilous times… I can’t see you in one place, standing there, yet I can feel you and I can see you everywhere in everything.  What would this world be without you?

Now with every holiday, there is the childhood magic that comes along with it.  The Easter Bunny brought Lenny lots of goodies today.  I let him have candy for breakfast.  I’m a cool Mom, right?  Or… maybe not.  Lenny had such a huge Sugar High that he couldn’t calm down for hours and finally crashed…  Not so cool, I guess.  But I did have him drink water! Yay, me.  (lol)  All in good fun, and sometimes you just have to break rules and have a little fun!!!

So, I’m going to share an image with you and two videos from today.  The first being his Easter time… the second being the “aftermath.”  lol

Happy Easter, friends!  Love to you all –




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