Stay Positive and Keep the Faith!

Tonight I was flipping through Ellen Show excerpts and one caught my eye… a lady that was 105!!! I thought, Wow, that’s amazing! She was born in the early 1900s and could’ve even been on the Titanic! So I clicked on the excerpt and was shocked to find how sharp she was! She just had her license renewed, has never had a ticket, never been in an accident, and she’s even on Facebook!

So, Ellen asked her the hot question everyone’s wanting an answer to… What’s your secret? She said with a big smile, If I told you my secret, it wouldn’t be a secret anymore! She then proceeded to say she was a positive person having lived a happy, positive life… if there was something wrong or bad in her life… and she couldn’t do anything about it… she wouldn’t worry or let it bother her. It touched me inside, because all I can ever think lately is how being too happy is a bit scary, and if you’re too happy, it’ll all be taken away. I know it’s a messed up philosophy and I don’t “claim” it but rather fight the thought of it on a regular basis.

God puts it on my heart to listen to the Holy Spirit telling me what’s true from untrue, and sometimes I don’t listen well enough as I should, but it was this 105 year old woman tonight that God used to reach my core. I don’t know this woman but I instantly love her and wish I did know her.

This week has been monumental. Lucas had a good talk with me (the good, Spiritual leader-type), and reminded me of some wonderful things I need to remember more and to let go of trying to control so much myself and let God handle what’s hard for us right now. Shortly after that discussion, I came across a word via one of my favorite Photogs, Jamie Delaine, whose message basically said the Same thing! I said… you’re absolutely right… and I felt I let go. Finally. Well, that day it was like things instantly started to change. 2 big things in my life. God finally moved, because “I FINALLY LET HIM!!!” God is a Gentleman. He’s not going to do certain things in our lives without our “allowing” him to. I already feel a peace. I laughed so much today and can’t remember how long it’s been since I’ve felt that peaceful laughter… the kind that feels healing. Laughter HAS to be a gift from God!

In summary today, you guys know I always write all this stuff not to “preach” but “share” what God puts on my heart to help others with what I’ve struggled with as well. I have known for a while now that I’ve been “wandering in the wilderness” as Joyce Meyer puts it… and I don’t know if I couldn’t get out or didn’t make enough effort, but that’s gonna change. I want the Oasis. I’m ready for all the blessings God wants to give me. Because He loves me. And He loves you too! Stay positive and Keep the Faith!

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