Laughter for the soul.

So, we’re in Chattanooga last night… and I got tickled several times.  One being at dinner…  Ma told me about how life wasn’t about the storms and waiting for them to pass by… but rather it was about learning to dance in the rain.  I thought… that’s such a beautiful thought.  Go, Ma… So profound… so deep…  and I really needed to hear it.  And I’m like… where’d you get that?  And she said, it’s right there on the wall (she was reading from the wall at Carraba’s restaurant…)… LOLOL.  We laughed so hard.  Nonetheless, I still needed to hear it, so Ma was sitting in the right place, at the right time, reading the right wall (lol).  Thank you still, Ma…  😉

On the way back, Caleb and I were being super silly with his Iphone 5 (which talks… snob… ha), and he was asking all kinds of crazy questions… One being, “How old is Doyle Dykes?”  Then he waited for it to find out… and Dad, sitting next to me in the truck, said, Caleb, I’m 58… you can just ask me my age… I’m sitting right here… (lol!!!).  😀

Nothing like laughter for the soul.


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