Divine Chick-fil-A

Tonight Ma took me and Lenny to eat Mexican, our favorite, while Dad, Caleb, and Luc did a guy’s night at Starbucks and Fulins. It was a really fun break from the busy day.

After dinner, Ma thought about going to Chick-fil-A so Lenny could play (he loooooves their playset), and get chicken “nuggix”… since he didn’t eat much earlier. While we were there, an elementary school-age girl, around 10 or so came down the yellow slide with a girl in her lap. I looked over because she said to us out of the blue, “She’s nine.” So I looked and saw a special needs girl in her lap, smiling and having a grand ole time… Ma asked her if they were best friends and she said, “No, we’re sisters,” which I’m sure she meant it as “we’re related…” and not to say they weren’t at all friends, because their bond was very strong. As she said that, the special little girl looked at Mom immediately and asked, while reaching out her arms, “Can I have a hug?” Mom immediately said Yes! and gave her a big hug… I cannot tell you what that did to me inside… I got so choked up I almost had to excuse myself to the bathroom…. I was in tears… then she gave me a big hug… What’s pitiful is she can’t even walk… her legs didn’t form correctly to go to the ground, so she sort of scooted around and her sister “carried” her all around that playset… up the jungle gym… down the slide… you name it… and she loved doing it! They had so much fun together! This was an unconditional love that matched no other. Children are amazing. They can see so much light in so much darkness.

It then came to my mind that (and I really believe it was the Holy Spirit moving on me), that here I was feeling more down than I’ve felt in a long time… and stressing over things that can be “fixed,” and here’s this precious little girl that will never walk and has a way better attitude than I do… and this precious 9-year-old girl hugged “my” neck. I believe so strongly that God, without a doubt, uses special people to send big messages to everyone of His unfailing love and faithfulness… I won’t forget her… and the love she showed me. I can only imagine that was also Jesus hugging me… because I sure needed it today. He is and will always be my Savior.


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