Wedding at Fillauer House

What a Gorgeous day it was yesterday at the Fillauer House!!! I had the honor of photographing a “photographer’s” wedding (No pressure there, right??!) I think I panicked a little quite a few times before the big day… (lol) and I even had a sweet man come up to me and ask, Are you the photographer? and I said yes… and he asked me what that was like to photograph another photographer’s wedding (or something along the lines of being, wow, you gotta lotta nerve, lol)… but I constantly reminded myself that “I Can Do All Things Through Christ,” (which Strengthens Me)… and afterall, Bonnie wrote to me that she hired me because we have very similar styles. And we do! We both like the odd black and whites… the true warm colors… the more artistic side of images and not just a classic edit (though I do love those, too). We want to see “magic.”

The wedding coordinator, Tiffany, called me last night (and it was thanks to Tiffany I got this job, because she passed my name on to Bonnie, the bride). Tiffany told me she appreciated how calm and collected I was throughout the whole thing, because as everyone knows, with weddings (time schedules, etc), things can feel hectic at times. That was a huge compliment to me!!! She was awesome herself!! She is a beautiful girl with great PR and handles everything so smoothly. I looooooved working with Tiffany!! And isn’t it strange how I’m terrified to get up in front of a crowd and speak, heck, even Be in a crowd sometimes, yet, when I shoot, I don’t feel fear? When I photograph, I feel like I’m the person I’m meant to be.

So, here are a few shots from the wedding (and one with me in action). These are more artistic edits, which is more my style, and of course, Bonnie’s. Congratulations to Josh and Bonnie!










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