The Dykes Family Christmas

Christmas is such a wonderful time of year.  Everyone says it’s their favorite time of year… but I don’t think it’s mine.  Not that I don’t love it… I DO!!!  But there are so many favorites during the year for me, that I don’t think I could narrow it all down to Christmas-time.  I think every part of the year has so many beautiful characteristics about it…  My favorite would be to see the beauty in every season… every holiday… every moment we spend with the ones we love.

I can’t explain the feeling I get when the Dykes family comes together.  It’s as if something that was lost has been found… like all the pieces of a puzzle come together.  It’s a gift for me.

Having my Nana up has been very special.  She brought Ma her piano as a gift.  I like to claim it as a gift for myself as well.  😉  I have been so excited for the day a real piano would come into our home (or Mom and Dad’s home… which is my other home, lol).  That piano is a magnet that draws me in every time I’m near it.  I long to play it.  I ache to play it.  That piano was meant to be here… and new music will be made…  I’m not much of a player… but when I play, I pour my heart and soul into it.  I feel it… and I understand it… and it understands me.  Music is, afterall, a gift from our Father.  Ma is so happy to have the piano (and can also play!)… and everyone has been playing hour after hour on it… it’s so lovely to watch… but only when I touch those ebony and ivory keys can I truly let it all out… and something feels healed inside me.

But back to Christmas… I have SOOOOO many photos to edit… but I was able to get to a few tonight.  And a few that are already near and dear to my heart…  Merry Christmas, friends.

This wig is actually pink… but in black and white, I think Leila makes the cutest little Shirley Temple look-a-like I ever did see!!
Don’t judge. 😉 YOU try to get 4 kids 5 and under to sit by the tree and smile while there are about 1,000 presents around them. Lennon was NOT amused.
This was one from Lennon’s Christmas session a few weeks ago. ❤
Little Robert Redford.
Baby Emmitt as Santa… the Cutest Santa ever!!!
“While we try to teach our children all about life… our children teach us what life is all about…”


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