Getting our Christmas Tree…

Well, we’re a bit late on getting our Christmas tree this year. Well, technically not “late” for us… we’ve never been ones to put the tree up on Thanksgiving or anything. Afterall, we like to get “real” trees… YES, REAL ONES!!!!!… (You GOTTA have that “real” Christmas tree smell in your house…) and they don’t tend to look as good on Christmas day if you get them too early. SOOOOOO… we were going to go last week… then earlier this week… and our schedules and everything else crazy going on led us to getting it last night. We have gone, in the past couple of years, to private Christmas tree vendors (like the ones that come from North Carolina and sell their trees on the side of the road… where they have the Christmas lights hanging, etc…. You know, like in the movies!). There’s something so special about being in a place like that at Christmas. Well, sadly, this year I didn’t see them, so we went to our next trusty place, Lowe’s! Lowe’s has awesome trees. πŸ™‚

This year, Lenny loves EVERYTHING about Christmas… from the decorations… to Santa… to the Christmas carols, You Name It! So, I just KNEW he’d be super-psyched to go pick out the tree… Afterall, we’ve been talking about it for DAYS and DAYS. However, Lenny decided to be super-sour last night (lol)… which is not untypical for Lennon (lol), and it made it all the more “normal” for us (ha). Don’t get me wrong, he did enjoy it!! He also really enjoyed when Luc tied the tree to the roof… and he got to see the strings attached inside the car. He thought that was pretty cool. He even pointed them out to me. πŸ˜‰

We didn’t get as far as decorating it last night (typical “Us”), but hey, atleast it’s IN our house and makes it officially feel like the Christmas season! I’m looking forward to decorating it and seeing colored lights up. COLORED LIGHTS!!! There’s no other way to have a tree with a child in the house (or without one for that matter… colored lights really make you feel like a kid again!!). I like plain lights too, but color makes everything Livelier, eh?!

(Oh, and right after we chose the tree, who came on the music speakers, but John Lennon, singing his famous Christmas hit, Happy Christmas. Just meant to be, I guess.) πŸ˜‰

Here are a couple of videos from last night. πŸ™‚


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