Lennon’s first time performing on stage…

Last night was one of the best nights of my life.  I was so excited to hear that Lennon would be performing in his school’s Christmas production.  The three-year-old class did 4 songs.  My heart melted when he walked up on stage, but it also sank a little when I saw he was looking down the whole time before it started.  Why did it sink?  Because THAT’S ME!!!!!  (And I KNOW that awful feeling.)  I have been hoping for the longest time that Lennon would get his Daddy’s talent of LOVING to be up in front of a crowd and being able to work it well (lol).  From past experiences, I’ve seen how Lennon can be such a ham, even with the recent photographers that did his school pictures.  Well, I found out he takes after me on stage.  Atleast only for now, I hope.  He can still outgrow it, right??  😉  Not to make it sound worse, but I played on stage for years and years, and you know what?  It NEVER got any easier for me (lol)…  In fact, I was MORE comfortable when I was little getting up in front of people… then as I got older I got more nervous (probably because of the thought behind it), and by the time I was in college, I was a goner.  I remember my heart POUNDING the first day of every semester, as we had to only say our “names,” “majors,” etc.  So, simple, yet I felt like I was literally DYING!!!  I’m not kidding… DYING.  I’ve been in scary situations, too… I’ve been held up with sawed-off shotguns for crying out loud…  and this was JUST as terrifying (in my mind).  But as I go through each day, I remind myself that God did not give me a spirit of fear.  It’s not of Him… so I don’t claim it.  I will tell Lennon the same thing.  He will grow up learning to be strong and self-confident.  The funny part is… I told him afterwards how proud I was of him, and I said that it was not easy getting up in front of people and how Mommy used to do that too, and I said… Were you scared?  He said, “Yeeaaaah, I was sooooooooo scared!!!” (lol)  He did a great job, though, and he made it through 3 of the 4 songs, glancing up a couple of times…  before running to me at the foot of the stage, where I was snapping away on my camera.  Hey, in my opinion, if you can get up there and FACE your fear, you’ve already succeeded… even if you shake all the way through it (as Joyce Meyer says).

Here are a couple of shots…

DSC_0189 copy DSC_0197 copy

After the show, Mimi and Poppy wanted to treat Lenny to a special icecream after his big performance, so we all went to Steak-and-Shake and Lenny got a chocolate milkshake (and loved it).  Overall, it was a great night… and hey, next time he may end up getting in front of a crowd and LOVING it!  Either way, I’m so proud of my boy for his first big performance.  😉



3 thoughts on “Lennon’s first time performing on stage…

  1. Lennon was doing a little sike job on you Mommy….don’t fret…. He will surprise you…besides he looks like a star ….Holli…..next performance …Watch Out….a star in the making!

  2. Holli, I LOVED reading about your precious little Lenny Boy! He is such a cutie patootie! Your story so reminded me of myself. I have NEVER liked having to perform or talk in front of a crowd. Now getting up in front of children is different. It doesn’t bother me at all. Hey, if it did I sure wouldn’t be in the business of teaching school! LOL! When you said you felt like you were dying, boy could I ever relate! Singing with my family over the years, I NEVER wanted to sing a solo on a verse. However, from time to time, my mom would MAKE me! I never liked doing it though. I would shake the whole time! Lenny looked so precious in his pictures. I hope and pray he will outgrow his shyness, because I know what it’s like to go through it. I have always heard you were a shy person. My brother, Gid, and I were always the shy ones in our family. I can tell you one thing that WILL HELP with shyness. AGE!!! Getting older helped me tremendously get over a lot of my shyness.Too, I’ll tell you one more thing that helped…..going through the “change of life!” LOL…. I still have some, but it is NOTHING like it used to be! I pray that Lenny will be excited to get back on stage and come out of his shell! He is SO PRECIOUS, Holli! You are doing a great job of raising him! I love you and your family!

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