Lennon’s first school pictures (age 3)

A few weeks ago I went to pick up Lennon and they told me to view his school pix while the photographer was there.  I already knew I would get some prints… just because of how sentimental it all was to me.  It killed me that I couldn’t be there for this shoot…  after all, photography is my life… and Lennon is my life… the 2 together are very special, you know!  So, when I met with the photog (who also knew of me and complimented my work, which made my day!), I viewed the pix and knew right away that I had to have them ALL!!!  She looked up his name and said, Oh yeah, I remember him… He was a ham (or something along those terms…)… She laughed remembering how funny Lennon was.  Here are his first school pictures (thanks to Life Lived Photography for the awesome job!!).  🙂

2012-10 Lennon Brown-1 2012-10 Lennon Brown-2-name 2012-10 Lennon Brown-3 2012-10 Lennon Brown-4 2012-10 Lennon Brown-5 2012-10 Lennon Brown-name


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