Lennon’s first real Christmas

I say this is Lennon’s first “real” Christmas, because for “him” it is. Not that the others didn’t count, because they are precious to me, but this is the first time he “knows” who “Santa” is. In fact, I’m totally abusing all of this by saying, every time he acts up a bit, that Santa is “watching him,” and you wouldn’t believe how he straightens up and says he wants his “presents” from Santa. 🙂

Last night was a very precious moment as I asked Lennon, while rocking him for bed in the dark of his room, what he wanted Santa to bring him. He said “presents.” What kind of presents? I asked. “Toys!” What kind of toys? “Bwoo eh-pwane.” (blue airplane) I thought that was cute and I said What else? he mentioned a red, I believe, airplane. Okay, I’m starting to catch on that he has an interest in airplanes… so I said again, What else? “Gween eh-pwane.” So, Santa’s gonna have to bring this boy some airplanes in a variety of colors!!! (lol) But in the end, I couldn’t get over, and still can’t, how precious it was to be able to hold my own little boy and ask him what he wants from Santa Klaus. 🙂 A very precious moment indeed!

Happy Holidays, friends!!


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