Santa Klaus is watching…

Lennon’s 3.  With that comes the childhood notion that it’s hilarious to drive Mommy crazy on purpose.  So, now that he knows about Santa Klaus, I’ve decided to return the favor and drive him a little crazy, too… on purpose.  (lol)  So, now when he laughs while doing things he’s not supposed to… I pull the Santa Klaus card and tell him that Santa’s watching him and if he wants Santa to bring him Christmas presents, then he needs to be a very good little boy and not aggravate Mommy.  So far… it’s working.  🙂  Hey, don’t judge… 😉

That also brings me to reminding myself that we’ll be doing our annual Christmas picture with Santa really soon.  I LOVE this.  This will be his fourth time having his picture made with Santa.  First one, when he was about 4 months old, was great… he was quiet… His 1 year old and 2 year old pictures with Santa, however, YIKES!!!  Poor Santa!!!  😛  I’m thinking he’ll be a good boy this year.  We’ll see!!!

In closing, as it’s only 2 days until Thanksgiving, I wish you all a Happy and Merry Thanksgiving and hope it’s filled with lots of love and laughter.  As cliché as that sounds… think about it.  There’s nothing better in life than love and laughter.  It’s worth more than all the gold this beautiful Earth holds.

Happy Thanksgiving, friends.


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