First week of November…

Whew!!  What a week it’s been!!  I was out sick on Tuesday, and Lucas was out sick yesterday… Lenny has had a cough (but nothing major, thank the Lord!).  Lucas is still sick…  😦  … it’s just that time of year, I guess.  All the nasty stuff passing around.  I generally get sick worse in the Spring, and it seems most of my sickness this Fall has been from my work load.  If you don’t already know, Fall is probably the busiest time of year for photographers, as we’re doing sessions with the changing leaves… taking photos for Christmas cards, etc.  It just doesn’t seem there are enough hours in the day for what I need to get done.  :/  So, if you pass me by and I look like a walking zombie, there you go.  I am.  (lol)

On top of all the chaotic work-related stuff Lucas and I have been up to, we finally had our new floors installed this past week.  I have been wanting new floors for about 4 1/2 years, since we first moved in.  We had a great grade of carpet that was already in the house, but the color was not my preference, and I’m a sucker for hard floors.  (I LOVE wearing winter socks and slippers.)  I’m so pleased with the new floors, however we now can hear Fasi and Wickey “tap-dancing” all over the house (lol).  But seriously, there is no guessing where they are and when… you can hear them coming a mile away!!  Or in our house-size, a foot away (lol).  But really, the floors are great and we couldn’t be more pleased to have them.  I sold a very dear guitar to get those floors.  I felt it should go to someone that could appreciate it as much as I did (which it did… my very dear guitar is now living with a kind gentleman who lives in Alan Jackson’s previous home).  So, I’m pretty happy with where it went and to whom it went… a collector of guitars.  He’ll take better care of it than I ever could, I’m sure.  So Praise God for family and friends and connections that made all this possible.  You wouldn’t think that “floors” could make such a difference in someone’s life, but I’m telling you… it has been a HUGE blessing… especially when the dogs had an accident in the floor and Lenny got sick and threw up all over his bedroom floor yesterday…  See what I mean??  All that on carpet???  Yuck!!  Too many years of that… PRAISE GOD for new floors!  😀

It’s also been very nice to have Dad and Caleb in town this week.  Yesterday I taped a message of Dad talking about his new guitar on my iphone.  I wanted to get a new message up online, and it was cool that he was able to talk about his new Guild, which he already had out from taping a message for the Christian Musician Summit.  His new signature Guild is awesome!  Check out his video here

Here’s also a couple of phone shots… one of Dad playing with Lennon (and Lennon’s “Thomas the Train” glasses… and 2 pix of Dad’s illustrations of Lennon on Lennon’s little etch-a-sketch, which I think are hilarious, because they really look like him!!).  🙂

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I talked with my students today about how they really need to take time outside of class to review the material, and not just rely on class time to understand and learn a foreign language.  I told them there would probably be some that would not go on to the next level next semester, based on how some have been doing for a long time now (and not putting in effort to succeed).  I had to explain to them that they really needed to get on the bandwagon and do what they needed to do to succeed.  I said I would not pass them on to the next level if they weren’t ready.  After all, how can they do level 2 if they’re not getting level 1 (or trying to)?  You could hear a pin drop.  These are good kids.  I want them to do well.  The reason I’m writing this is because God uses things I tell others to also bless me in my own life.  For example, through this today, I am reminded that we need to apply that to other aspects of our lives…  We need to put more time into relati0nships with others… into our work we do… into our prayer time… into reading the Word of God…  and I’m reminded that I am the student and the Holy Spirit is the teacher.  He wants ME to succeed.  He wants ME to Pass and go to the next level in every aspect of my life.  He wants me to get out of the wilderness and into the promised land, as I’m so beautifully reminded through my readings from Joyce Meyer.  I won’t make a lick of difference in these kids’ lives from teaching them Spanish or French…  I’ll make a difference in their lives because I care and want them to do and live well.  The difference comes in where my “heart” stands out above my “head.”

So, to sum all of that up, I’m also listening to the words I told my students… the Lord is putting it on my heart to also make sure I’m taking time to invest in every part of my life… in being a Daughter, a Wife, a Mother, a Sister, an Aunt, a Friend, a Teacher, a Photographer, a Writer…  Please do the same and evaluate what means most to you in life and invest time in it.  Time is one of the biggest commodities we have.  God will bless you for your “time.”

God bless you all – Thanks for stopping by –

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