Happy Halloween!!

What a fun Halloween yesterday was.  It didn’t last long… but it was a great one.  Lucas, Lennon, and I did our tradition of going to Centenary Street, which, if you don’t know Cleveland, is like a movie set… a stereotype of what Halloween should look like in a small, beautiful little New England town… even though we’re not in New England.  This street has Halloween decorations up like people do for Christmas, but with a Halloween flavor to it.  It’s amazing!!!  One family even had a big projector with a movie playing on it… Hundreds and hundreds of people are there with their little ones, all dressed up for the occasion.  I love Halloween.  I love seeing the children in their costumes.  It’s so precious to me.  I love how excited they get for their candy.  My boy, Lennon, did so well.  I gotta admit, he would get a bit irritated at me when I tried to take pictures of him (imagine that), but overall, he had a GREAT time!  He even let me hold his hand to get the candy!!  (lol) 🙂  He’s normally all “big-boy” about everything and doesn’t want me to hold his hand, but he did last night… and it was a precious moment for me.  He was a billy goat.  And you know how evil goats are!!  Well, Lenny took it to another level!  (lol)  Lucas also LOVES Halloween… I think we were both kind of stressing how Lennon would do, being 3, but we left so happy and fulfilled.  What a great memory.  I prayed for it… God answered.  😉

After about a half hour or so, Lenny was already done… he just wanted to be pushed in the stroller at that point.  🙂  He just held his little Mickey Mouse trick-or-treat bucket and soaked all of the festivities in.  I loved just walking there.  It’s not too often that we all get out for fun…  Lucas and I are the busiest we’ve ever been, and when we’re off, we love being home and together with Lennon.  Don’t get me wrong, we do fun things, but last night was “special.”

At home, we’re in the middle of having new floors put in.  Our house looks like a cyclone hit it.  Okay, our house may have looked like a cyclone hit it before, but now it looks like a cyclone hit it and left new floors behind (lol).  🙂  Thanks to Ma, who has spent hours helping us through this mess and put in hard labor to help us get things done and moved in time… we couldn’t have done it without her.

I miss my Dad and brother, though…  Atleast we have Thanksgiving coming soon!  I only wish I had my sisters here to share it with, too.  😦  Ah, well it only makes me more “thankful” for the times I do have with them.

Hope you all had a Happy Halloween!  I’ll post a couple of phone pix here, and I’ll be posting camera pix soon.   🙂

Stay tuned!


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