Confessions of a Homebody

I’ll admit it. I love home. Who doesn’t, really? I remember loving home when I used to be gone for weeks, traveling. Home was a haven. Now, I can work part of the day and then want to go home. I love the comfort of it. I love going to my tiny kitchen and getting my iced tea and cheese and crackers. I love sitting at the dining room table, editing my photos. I love sitting in the living room with Lucas and Lennon, watching our “shows.” I love the yellow of our room, which has never failed to make me happy. I love the beautiful Beatrix Potter paintings in Lennon’s room. I love Fasi and Wickey. I love how the light hits the trees in my yard and makes me feel I’m in an enchanted forest. I live simple. I love simple. I’m happy to have such a beautiful place to call home.


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