Angels in Disguise

We always hear about angels in disguise… but is it an expression for people that do above and beyond things or the angelic hosts? Both, I think. Tonight I saw an angel. Not the heavenly host kind, but a man who did something selfless and broke my heart, in a good way. Sometimes our hearts are filled with exciting things… sometimes they’re filled with hurt… but the most special kind of all… in my opinion… is when our hearts are moved by extraordinary acts of kindness. Not just speaking of being moved to “create” an act of kindness, but being moved by another’s goodwill.

Tonight I took the path home that led us through the beautiful duck pond… Lennon loves to see the ducks. We slowed down to the side of the road and wished we had something to feed them. They were all walking up to us like they “knew” we were going to feed them. 😉 Mom told me to circle around and drive back by… and as we came by the second time, we saw a man who looked to be in his fifties maybe… very raggedy… came out of a run-down van… looked as if he barely had enough money to take care of himself…. yet he had a big bag full of food, and he fed and fed those beautiful ducks. I almost burst into tears as I thought to myself that it seemed he barely had enough to take care of himself, yet he still fed the ducks. I don’t think the ducks benefited from this random man’s act of kindness as much as I did. He reminded me that even when we don’t have… we still give in faith… and something “magical” happens… except it’s not magic at all… it’s “Real”… God pours his love out onto us and shows us his loving kindness and takes care of us when we cannot and have not. With God, we want not.

This precious man, tonight, was my angel in disguise.


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