New blogsite

Hello, friends!  This is our new blog site (previously at I’m a wordpress fan (always have been), and after trying out blogspot for a while, I still lean towards wordpress as my favorite.  🙂  So, this is the new page for our family blog updates!

What’s been going on with us lately?  Well, on Sunday, we dedicated sweet Baby Emmitt to the Lord in Nashville.  What a sweet time that was, and what a HILARIOUS time it was, too.  Emmitt decided to do a number 2 on “Daddy” while the Pastor was leading them in the dedication… Lucas had me run up a paper town to Jake… everyone was getting so tickled… It was definitely memorable (lol).  What’s REALLY funny is just before the service when I was reminiscing with Haley and Mom about Lennon’s dedication… how, being 2 years old, he acted like he was POSSESSED in church (sorry if you take offense to that… but I am clearly being HONEST!  THAT’S what it LOOKED Like!!!!)… Drew took the microphone at his dedication and started his own show (lol), Leila was an angel (OF COURSE!!!… that’s my GIRL!!), and I said how Emmitt would probably be perfect up there, with nothing crazy happening… and then Emmitt decided to surprise us all (lol).  It was so funny!  🙂

Haley also sang “Amazing Grace,” what I (and many) consider to be her “signature” song.  If you have a “signature” anything in life, that’s pretty special, in my opinion.

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Love to all… Thanks for following us!  I’ll be in touch soon!  🙂


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